I am an experienced researcher in the social sciences, working in the fields of socioeconomic inequality, education, and computing. I am currently a PhD student in Computing Education Research at Uppsala University, where I study computing-related capital among students, in order to understand how computing is beneficial to them, and how this relates to other forms of capital that they may have (e.g. economic, cultural, and social). I am also studying for a master’s degree in Computer Science as part of this learning trajectory.

My academic background is in social sciences research (MSc. Res.), with a specialisation in mixed methods research, combining quantitative and/or qualitative methods. After my studies I worked for more than two years as a Research Assistant at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, where I was able to apply my academic background and research training to the field of computing education. I also joined the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre, which was established at the University of Cambridge.

During my employment there, I worked on a variety of research topics, covering issues as the digital divide, broadening participation, and online learning. I presented research findings to a wide range of audiences, including computing educators, enthusiasts, and academic researchers. You will find the written output of this work under the publications section of this website.