I am an experienced researcher in the social sciences, working in the fields of socioeconomic inequality, education, and computing. I am currently a PhD student in Computing Education Research at Uppsala University, where I design and conduct qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods research projects related to socioeconomic inequality and broadening participation in computing education. By using Bourdieu’s framework on capital, I aim to understand why students enroll in computing-related programs, how this is beneficial to them, and what they aim to get out of it. I also co-instruct courses in Information Technology and Information Management Systems.

My academic background is in social sciences research (MSc. Res.), with a specialisation in mixed methods research, combining quantitative and/or qualitative methods. After my studies I worked for more than two years as a Research Assistant at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, where I was able to apply my academic background and research training to the field of computing education. I also joined the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre, which was established at the University of Cambridge.

During my employment there, I worked on a variety of research topics, covering issues as the digital divide, broadening participation, and online learning. I presented research findings to a wide range of audiences, including computing educators, enthusiasts, and academic researchers. You will find the written output of this work under the publications section of this website.